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Epoxy Removal to Grind & Seal Service Sydney

Looking to expose the concrete floor beneath old paint or epoxy coating? We will remove paint, glue and old epoxy coatings surface to leave a restored, clean and even surface. We can also apply an new clear or coloured epoxy sealant to make cleaning easier.

We work safely and environmentally friendly adhering to all industry standards. Using our industrial vacuums and dust extractors we can also contain and remove all the harmful concrete dust from the site.

Epoxy Removal to Grind & Seal Process

epoxy floor removal

Step 1: Paint or Epoxy Removal

This floor looks OK, but the owners wanted more character out of their floor by exposing the concrete aggregate.

The epoxy coating needs to be removed correctly. No amount of paint stripper will do. A professional concrete grinder, much like an industrial sander, is required to remove the paint and restore the concrete floor underneath.

Here we remove any debris from the floor before starting up our industrial grinder.

Step 2: Multiple passes to reach the desired smoothness

Working back and forth over the concrete surface we gently remove the epoxy and upper layer of concrete.

Using progressively finer diamond coated grinding stones we begin to achieve a smooth finish of the bare concrete and exposing the aggregate peppered within the concrete.

Here you can see the epoxy on the left and the exposed concrete on the right after the industrial concrete grinder has passed over the surface.

Step 3: Cleaning & Prepping for Sealer or Epoxy

Once all the epoxy coating has been removed and the right level of smoothness has been achieved, a bare concrete floor remains as shown.

Some clients prefer this look and choose not to apply a sealer. Although to achieve a wet glossy look and also making it a bit easier to clean and prevent staining, a sealer will create a different look.

Step 4: Sealer is Applied

After grinding, all the concrete dust is removed using the specialised concrete dust extractors which remove more than 98% of the surface dust to allow the application of your choice of sealant or another epoxy coating of your choice.

A sealer brings out the character in the exposed aggregate creating a very different look to what appeared with the old epoxy covering. We have a range of epoxy sealants to apply to a freshly ground concrete floor to add a clear finish and protect the surface from staining.

Step 5: Sealer cures

The sealer is best left for up to 8-10 days before walking on the surface to allow it to fully cure. We have a range of sealers and will advise you when your floor will be ready to use.

Sealer will protect the concrete floor from spills and oil which can permeate into the porous concrete surface and create a stain.

Get in touch with one of our helpful staff to talk through your concrete grinding and sealing needs. We can provide a free consultation and estimate.

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