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Concrete Grind and Seal
Posted by | 15 August 2019
Concrete Grinding Benefits

Concrete grinding is a very versatile form of concrete cutting. You may be looking to prepare a floor for tiles or floating floorboards, removing old grout or glue or getting...

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wet vs dry concrete cutting
Posted by | 10 December 2018
Comparing Wet and Dry Concrete Cutting

When cutting, drilling or grinding concrete there are two main methods to control harmful concrete dust, wet cutting or dry cutting. Knowing when to use each method is an important consideration...

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Posted by | 3 October 2018
Concrete Cutting Services – A Summary

Concrete Cutting Services involve a wide variety of individual techniques to shape hardened concrete, asphalt or stone. These include sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing. Within each of these there are...

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diamond tipped concrete sawing
Posted by | 16 September 2018
Techniques for Concrete Cutting with Diamond Tipped Tools

Cutting concrete might look similar on the surface to cutting a softer material such as wood. The extreme hardness of concrete however requires a fine balance between the power of...

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concrete grinding a trip hazard on a footpath
Posted by | 14 July 2018
Avoid A Trip Hazard with Concrete Grinding

We've all had to navigate around a trip hazard on an uneven concrete footpath or slab. Many have likely stubbed their toe on an unexpected protrusion and some may have...

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Managing Concrete Dust
Posted by | 20 June 2018
Being Safe with Concrete Dust

Concrete dust is an inevitable by-product of the concrete cutting process. Saws, drills and grinders make their way through concrete creating fine particles of silica. When inhaled, these fine particles can cause...

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concrete control cutting
Posted by | 8 May 2018
When to Cut Control & Expansion Joints in Concrete

Cutting control joints in concrete is an important step when pouring a fresh concrete slab. Control joints manage the inevitable and unsightly cracking that appears in a concrete slab, often...

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Concrete Cutting 101
Posted by | 24 February 2018
Concrete Cutting 101

Concrete, a versatile material can be easily mixed and poured with a little know-how. Once set it is a robust and structurally sound material set for a lifetime. However, if...

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Concrete Core Drilling
Posted by | 24 December 2017
When to Use Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is one of the three main forms of concrete cutting. It comprises an electric, or sometimes hydraulic, drill and uses a diamond tipped drill bit to penetrate...

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