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cutting a concrete slab
Posted by | 14th April 2019
Cutting Through a Concrete Slab

Many of us have a love hate relationship with concrete when it comes to our home renovation or landscape ideas. A great solid material we can form to our liking,...

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wet vs dry concrete cutting
Posted by | 10th December 2018
Comparing Wet and Dry Concrete Cutting

When cutting, drilling or grinding concrete there are two main methods to control harmful concrete dust, wet cutting or dry cutting. Knowing when to use each method is an important consideration...

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Concrete grinding a trip hazard
Posted by | 14th July 2018
Avoid A Trip Hazard with Concrete Grinding

We've all had to navigate around a trip hazard on an uneven concrete footpath or slab. Many have likely stubbed their toe on an unexpected protrusion and some may have...

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Managing Concrete Dust
Posted by | 20th June 2018
Being Safe with Concrete Dust

Concrete dust is an inevitable by-product of the concrete cutting process. Saws, drills and grinders make their way through concrete creating fine particles of silica. When inhaled, these fine particles can cause...

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