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Concrete Grinding Benefits

Concrete Grind and Seal

Concrete grinding is a very versatile form of concrete cutting. You may be looking to prepare a floor for tiles or floating floorboards, removing old grout or glue or getting it ready for polishing. Concrete grinding uses also extend to removing trip hazards between uneven concrete slabs.

What is concrete grinding?

Unlike concrete sawing or concrete drilling concrete grinding applies an abrasive force on the concrete surface to create a smoother or more level surface.

What are the main types of concrete grinding?

There are three main types of concrete grinding:

1. Concrete Scarifying

Concrete scarifying is normally used to remove a trip hazard between two uneven slabs of concrete. These are often seen on public footpaths, in schools or any place where a trip hazard is to be avoided. Scarifying is usually phase 1 in a larger grinding effort to smooth or restore a concrete slab. A scarifier can gorge up to 3-4mm grooves on each pass.

Concrete scarifying works by using a machine which powers a number of rows of thick tungsten washers grouped together on a rod like a series of washers. These super tough tungsten discs spin at high speed and carve grooves into the concrete. You can often see the work of a concrete scarifier when walking down any slightly uneven public footpath.

2. Concrete Grinding

Generally concrete grinding refers to the preparation of a concrete floor for either tiles, floating floorboards or concrete polishing. Concrete grinding in this instance creates a level surface while also removing glue, paint or other surface imperfections which will affect the new surface that is intended to be applied on top of it.

Concrete grinding in this sense consists of a large abrasive diamond-coated disc much like sandpaper which spins at high speed to remove a thin top layer of concrete. Going over the surface in a consistent pattern ensures the surface becomes level and also free of any surface imperfections.

3. Concrete Polishing

Many people aspire to create a stunning polished floor in their homes or offices. These can look great but also come at quite a cost. Creating the desired mirror finish requires a lot of what is actually concrete grinding, just using less and less abrasive diamond coated discs. The cost comes in time and materials to complete manly multiple passes over the surface.

Concrete Grinding – Wet or Dry?

All forms of concrete cutting, including grinding creates concrete dust. This can be harmful if it gets in the lungs as it can cause an incurable disease called silicosis. Any concrete cutting requires either a vacuum at the grinding surface to such up all the dust or, better still, be done under wet conditions so the dust does not get airborne.

Grinding concrete is likely the most common form of concrete cutting undertaken given its versatility. Keeping the footpaths of Sydney smooth and free of trip hazards and restoring floors in homes and offices is an endless task! Choosing the right approach for the right outcome both now and into the future is important, so it is best to hire a professional.

Where to get Concrete Grinding Services in Sydney

Mastercut Concrete have been grinding concrete in Sydney for over 20 years and have a fleet of skilled and mobile concrete cutters for you when you need it. We comply with all applicable standards and applicable codes of practice. Our staff are equipped with a range of top quality machinery, hardware and safety wear. We also only use wet cutting techniques . Contact 02 9755 5505 for a free consultation and quote or complete an online quote request.

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