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Concrete Grinding Services in Sydney

Concrete grinding allows us to smooth uneven concrete surfaces that cause a trip hazard or use concrete grinding and sealing to give an old concrete slab a new lease of life.

Our range of concrete grinding services are below, however, please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation and quote for what you need to be done.

Remove Trip Hazards

Trip hazard grinding

What does concrete slab trip hazard grinding involve?

Have trip hazard on your footpath? Our specialist concrete grinder will smooth off the footpath joints to help prevent any accidents from occurring. We will smooth the concrete join back level and extract the resulting concrete dust during the process.

When is content slab trip hazard grinding used?

  • Removing trip hazards on footpaths.
  • Getting an uneven concrete surface level.

Concrete grinding

Concrete Grinding & Sealing

What does concrete grinding & sealing involve?

Want to refurbish an old concrete floor? Concrete grinding and sealing is a process that will remove old paint or glue from a concrete surface and smooth out any imperfections. An epoxy sealant can then be applied to protect the surface from spills and stains.

When is content grinding & sealing used?

  • Renovations and factory conversions.
  • Removing paint and glue from a concrete floor.
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Removing Paint from a Concrete Floor

How do you remove paint from a concrete floor?

Concrete grinding is an effective way to remove paint, glue and other surface coverings from a concrete floor. This specific method of grinding will prepare the floor for another covering or it can be sealed or an epoxy applied to create a unique effect.

When is content slab trip hazard grinding used?

  • Remove paint
  • Remove glue
  • Prepare the surface for another suitable coating (e.g. lino, sealer or epoxy)

Get in touch with one of our helpful staff to talk through your concrete grinding needs. We can provide a free consultation and estimate.

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