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Kirrawee South Village

Kirrawee South Village

Mastercut Concrete Cutting recently completed work on the Kirrawee South Village project. We’re proud to say our 2 year focused effort was completed on time and to budget and is now open for business. We have been involved in many large scale projects in the Sydney region over our 20 year history.

Working for DeiCorp Pty Ltd and Ford Civil Constructions, we had 2-3 concrete cutters working onsite throughout the extensive construction. Consisting of 7 buildings, 779 apartments and 10,000 square metres of retail space it required our concrete cutters to be onsite for the duration of the 2 year project.

Concrete cutting activities undertaken included:

Track-mounted Wall Sawing

wall sawing penetration

Crating a penetration in a wall using track-mounted concrete wall sawing.

Cutting windows and doorways in the Kirawee South Village facility was made through brick and concrete was completed using wall sawing. In particular, Track-mounted wall sawing provided an accurate and precise method to cut a straight, square and true passage way so that doorways and window fitting can slot in precisely.

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing Kirrawee South Village

A concrete wire saw setup and cutting through a concrete column.

When large irregular concrete objects need to be removed, wire sawing is often the answer. We provided wire sawing at Kirrawee to remove large concrete columns if they were no longer needed. By setting the wire saw around the object the diamond-coated wire moves through the object relentlessly eventually removing the section of concrete completely.

Concrete Drilling

concrete drilling kirrawee south village

A mounted core drill creating a wide passage in a wall.

Concrete drilling is commonly used in large projects like the South Village precinct to allow the passage of electrical and plumbing work. With diamond core drills we can quickly create an accurate hole through a concrete wall, floor or roof for diameters of up to 1 metre and to a depth of up to 700mm.

We’re proud to say all our work over this 2-year-long project at Kirrawee South Village was completed on time and to budget. We are often called upon to quote on major commercial, industrial and government projects and you can be confident we have the skills, capacity and focus to deliver similar results for your project.

Contact us on 02 9755 5505 or request a quote for your upcoming project either large or small to get a quality result completed on time and on budget.

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