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Cutting Concrete With a Wire Saw

Need to cut a large concrete pipe, an unwanted statue, brick pillar or even cutting an entire concrete bridge? A concrete wire saw is a simple concrete cutting technique in principle that can overcome otherwise very complex and challenging tasks.

Of all the concrete cutting techniques, concrete wire sawing is certainly the most unique and also less obvious solution to the uninitiated. It is an extremely versatile and effective solution for complex objects. Once setup, it cuts ruthlessly through concrete, stone and steel quietly and precisely.

What is a concrete wire saw?

A concrete wire saw consists of a strand of high tensile cable which has steel rings at regular intervals which are coated (or sintered) with super-hard diamond crystals. A system of pulleys are then rigged to align the wire to cut in the correct direction. The wire is wrapped around the object to be cut and the machine is turned on. The pulleys pull the wire through the concrete and keep the tension on the cable.

How does a concrete wire saw work?

See a concrete wire saw in action courtesy of our partners at Husqvarna.

What are the benefits of using a concrete wire saw?

The benefits of using a wire saw are many.

  • Wire saws can cut many large and irregular objects when standard saws cannot access or cut as deep.
  • Wire saws can cut flush with the floor or roof, particularly when removing a pillar.
  • Wire saws run quieter than regular concrete saws
  • Wire saws can cut load bearing objects without getting caught in the cut like metal blades can.

What are the pitfalls of using a concrete wire saw?

Wire saw concrete cutting is a specialist tool and requires a certain amount of experience and skill to setup correctly to cut along the intended line. The wire saw is also relentless and will cut through just about anything it is wrapped around. In a rare event, whiplash can occur if the wire breaks so precautions need to be taken around the cutting area to avoid injury.

Concrete cutting is a specialist skill and the use of a wire saw to cut concrete is best left to the experts. 

Mastercut Concrete have been cutting concrete in Sydney for over 20 years and have a fleet of skilled and mobile concrete cutters to cut, drill or grind concrete for you when you need it. Contact 02 9755 5505 for a free consultation and quote or complete an online quote request.

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