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Concrete Cutting 101

Concrete Cutting 101

Concrete, a versatile material can be easily mixed and poured with a little know-how. Once set it is a robust and structurally sound material set for a lifetime. However, if you need to adjust, move or even remove concrete it is a completely different story! Concrete cutting involves some professional techniques and specialist machinery you’re likely to need to employ to deal with this material safely and effectively.

The concrete cutting industry deals with 3 main types of activity, either sawing, drilling or grinding with variants of each depending on the specific outcome required. In this summary article, we’ll outline each and why it makes sense to seek professional help whenever you need to adjust this material we know and love as concrete.

Concrete Sawing

From hand saws to road saws a concrete saw is a heavy-duty piece of machinery. Equipped with a diamond tipped blade and powered by a diesel, petrol or electric engine it will make a clean cut in concrete, brick, stone or other masonry material.

  • Hand saws – maneuverable saws used in hard to access spaces or on oddly shaped structures.
  • Track-mounted saws come into play when a precision cut is needed. Such as creating an opening for a new window or door.
  • Road saws are larger machines that are self-propelled and will efficiently cut through large sections of roadway, including asphalt. Used when essential services are needing to be accessed or installed below the surface.
  • Wire saws, as the name suggests, this uses a thick diamond coated wire which runs in a loop systematically cutting through irregular shaped concrete objects, even entire bridges!
Track mounted wall saw

A track-mounted wall saw used to make precision cuts for windows and doorways.

Concrete Drilling (Core Drilling)

Concrete drilling, known as core drilling, is designed to drill out various sized holes in concrete, brick or stone. Again, a diamond tipped drill bit is used for this process and water is applied to cool the surface and also prevent dust.

Core drilling is often used when an irregular shaped hole is required. In such cases, overlapping drill holes (known as stitch drilling) combine to form the required shape.

concrete core drilling sydney

A concrete core drill. With stitch drilling overlapping holes can make all manner of shapes.

Concrete Grinding

The final method of concrete cutting or modification is concrete grinding. Most commonly used to remove trip hazards when a section of concrete footpath has protruded due to growing tree roots or other earth movements underneath. A metal bonded diamond concrete grinder will smooth back the protruding slab level with its adjoining slab.

Other grinding applications are for polishing concrete floors which creates a stunning look, a durable finish and is relatively maintenance free.

Now that you are more familiar with the types of concrete cutting services available you can understand why specialist machinery and skills are needed to get a professional finish safely with limited impact to surrounding work areas.

Mastercut Concrete have been cutting concrete in Sydney for over 20 years and have a fleet of skilled and mobile concrete cutters to cut, drill or grind concrete for you when you need it. Contact 02 9755 5505 for a free consultation and quote or complete an online quote request.

Blog Comments

Thanks for the interesting read about concrete cutting. I had no idea that there are wire saws that can cut through irregular shaped concrete objects. I’m kind of interested to learn what situations would warrant a saw like this, like for when concrete needs to be replaced or fixed.

Hi Taylor, thanks for your comment. Wire saws are quite amazing. They are used when a standard saw will not work like on a thick concrete pillar where a saw would be too cumbersome to use. A wire saw is a specialised piece of equipment, best done by professionals!

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