Concrete Saw Cutting in Sydney and surrounding areas

At Mastercut Concrete Aust we work together to provide you with the highest standards of service available in Sydney for all concrete saw cutting requirements. Check out some of the specialist concrete saw cutting services we can provide at your home, business or council property.

handheld concrete saw cutting

Hand-held sawing

We provide valuable hand-held sawing techniques to create openings and in projects with limited access. Our hand-held concrete saw cutting services, generally used for smaller jobs, are more cost effective than other methods.

Allowing flexibility and structural integrity of surrounding areas, hand-held sawing is ideal for applications such as cutting thin concrete floors, brick, beam pockets and small openings in concrete slabs and walls. Typical applications include electrical, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning openings.

Road sawing

Road sawing

Using larger self-propelled road saws, we can efficiently penetrate through large quantities of asphalt and concrete roads, drainage, cables and electrical wires. We have the capacity to effectively provide expansion cuts, remove damaged sections and cut penetrations in slabs. The most common diamond cutting method in Australia, road sawing comprises of a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator. The blade is powered by gasoline, diesel, electric or hydraulics. Our sawing machinery includes everything from green to hardened concrete, with various harnesses depending on ballast and reinforcement. We also offer a comprehensive range of asphalt blades with recessed segments or drop segments (depending upon diameter) to protect against wear on the core.

wall sawing

Wall sawing

With the skill and experience for all wall sawing needs in Sydney, we can perform sawing from both sides of the wall. We can cut perfectly smooth plumb and level openings in concrete walls with virtually no vibration or dust. We employ a diamond blade on a track-mounted system for vertical and horizontal cuts. It is specifically designed for cutting doorways, windows and other openings in concrete walls.

Specialised applications, such as finishing roughed-in walls, can also be performed. The concrete wall saw follows a straight track and in turn penetrates a perfectly straight cut in the wall. This setup can also be used on steep inclined surfaces where a slab saw cannot be used safely.